Consulting Firm Utilizes Provar to Reduce Manual Testing by 50%

At a Glance

The client is a global-based human resource consulting firm specializing in temporary and consultant staffing, permanent placement staffing, risk consulting, and internal audit services. 
  • Industry: Human Resources
  • HQ: West Coast, United States
  • Type: B2C
  • Products: Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Provar, framework and script building training 

The Challenge

At the beginning of the project, the client operated on a legacy system with no automation framework. This slowed down the implementation process and dragged the company down as employees were spending too much time on manual tasks instead of focusing on value-added tasks. The legacy system was also impacting both customer service scores and employee collaboration. The outdated system created departmental and information silos, and they were unable to achieve a 360-degree view of their customers. 

The Solution

A phased implementation strategy was utilized, beginning with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud implementation. Both pieces of software were recommended to improve customer satisfaction and further grow the client’s customer base.  
Service Cloud gave the client a 360-degree insight into their customers, enabling them to deliver faster and more personalized service. The software also streamlined workflows and automated service processes, allowing the client’s customer service team to focus entirely on the customer instead of digging for any needed information or completing time-consuming manual tasks. With Service Cloud, the client’s customer service team could easily connect one-on-one with all their customers. 
Sales Cloud also facilitated business growth and increased customer satisfaction. The software eliminated departmental silos created by their legacy system and established a centralized communications hub for their employees. Sales Cloud also set-up a database of in-depth customer information and statistics. The client utilized this to improve customer interactions and evolve their sales strategy to meet customers’ changing needs, creating a personalized customer journey.
While Service Cloud and Sales Cloud were instrumental in improving their customer satisfaction scores, they still relied heavily on manual testing and framework design. To combat this and help streamline automated processes, the test automation tool Provar was used. Provar works with Salesforce to automate the client’s testing experience as it is already supplied with an object’s metadata and related information. An in-depth look was taken at the client’s business cases to eliminate any cases containing redundant information that added more time than needed to the testing process. To ensure the client understood all aspects of their new software solution, they were involved in designing frameworks and building scripts. This allowed the client to better understand how to start creating frameworks independently and how to implement them.

The Results

  • Provar cut down the time it took to test the software by 20%
  • Provar cut down manual testing efforts by 50%
  • Increased ROI 
  • Script is being created using Java and released on a weekly base
  • Resources previously used for manual testing now are writing code to automate remaining business cases
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Greater employee collaboration
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Our Role

Omniskope helped the client move away from the time-consuming and error-prone practice of manual testing to automated testing. While shifting from manual testing to automated testing can be a daunting task, our skilled senior consultants worked with the client every step of the way to provide a seamless transition. Ensuring they understood how to operate the testing tool Provar and teaching them how to build frameworks and scripts. Automated testing paired with the implementation of Salesforce software set the client up for sustained success and, long after, the go-live date. 

Moving from manual testing to automated testing can seem like an astronomical request, but the significant benefits of automated testing will be evident the moment you make the change. You can experience these advantages first-hand by partnering with Omniskope; contact us today to take the first step!

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