Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Boosts Customer Satisfaction for Power and Utility Company

At a Glance

The client is an American power and utility company that provides services in the midwestern United States. The company offers services such as; vertically integrated electric, electric distribution, natural gas distribution, and transmission.

  • Industry: Utilities
  • HQ: Midwestern, United States
  • Type: B2B & B2C
  • Products: Salesforce Service Cloud, Genesys CTI, Salesforce Identity Single-Sign-On (SSO)

The Challenge

When Omniskope began working with the client, they operated off homegrown, rigid legacy customer service applications and did not scale to the organization's growing needs and instead was hindering their growth. The client was also dealing with low customer satisfaction scores and decreased customer service representative productivity due to long call times, as employees struggled to find answers to customer’s questions.

The Solution

A phased implementation approach was utilized, beginning with replacing the client’s legacy system with Salesforce Service Cloud. Through the Service Cloud, the client was able to obtain a Customer 360-degree view. Service Cloud’s automated processes and streamlined workflows also allowed customer service representatives to quickly and easily access all relevant customer information, which helped shorten call times and raise customer satisfaction scores.

To help the client enhance their customer experience during phone calls, Service Cloud was integrated with Genesys CTI (computer telephony integration). Genesys CTI accesses the clients existing Salesforce data at the outset of every call, enabling customer service representatives to make personalized and informed calls. With an in-depth knowledge-based database, customer service representatives could quickly find additional information to answer customer questions. The integration also equipped the client with personalized call routing and priority routing for inbound calls to ensure critical incidents were placed at the front of the queue to provide immediate attention to customers who need help right away. 

Salesforce Identity was also implemented. Identity is equipped with a single sign-on (SSO) system, giving the clients’ employees access to all authorized resources on one login screen. Through utilizing SSO, the client streamlined operations by connecting employees to several accounts and applications running in other Salesforce applications and even in other clouds. Allowing employees to apply the time previously spent logging in and out of various applications to value-added tasks. The client also set up security policies and was given direct control over who uses which applications and when. In conjunction with two-factor authentication, Identity provided the client with a robust security system to protect vital customer and business data.

The Results

  • Increased customer satisfaction scores.
  • Improved customer service representative productivity
  • Greater control over a robust security system.
  • A 360-degree view of customers and their data
  • The ability to efficiently and quickly handle customer service calls

Our Role

Omniskope worked with the client to support their team during implementation. Our expert team worked with the client both remotely and on-site to facilitate the implementation of the Salesforce Service Cloud, Genesys CTI, and Single Sign On (SSO). Overall, our dedicated expert provided ongoing support to ensure the client’s needs were met. They were left with a flexible CRM software solution that would continue to grow and meet their business goals.

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