Global Tax Preparation Company Experiences Rise in Customer Satisfaction After Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Enhanced with Lightning Flow

At a Glance

The client is a global tax preparation company that offers consumer tax software, online tax preparation, and electronic filing from their website. The company also offers payroll and business consulting services.

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • HQ: Midwestern, United States
  • Type: B2C
  • Services: Service Cloud, Lightning Flow, Lightning Web Components, Apex, API
  • Products: Sr. Developer, Managed Services

The Challenge

When the client began their partnership with Omniskope, they were struggling with low customer satisfaction rates due to longer case resolution times and their frequent inability to resolve cases due, in part, to outdated customer service technology. They could not adequately monitor and manage their customer service and did not have full access to customer service leads. These issues resulted in lower service representative productivity as well as lost customers.

The Solution

A phased implementation of Salesforce applications and integration with the client’s existing in-house applications was applied to improve service representative productivity and regain and regrow their customer base. This began with implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and the use of Salesforce out-of-the-box (OOTB) applications, allowing the client to customize their Salesforce applications without any coding or programming. With access to a plethora of Salesforce OOTB applications, including, but not limited to, live agent, computer telephony integration (CTI), and Einstein chatbot, the client began to see an improvement in their sales agents’ productivity.

Salesforce Lightning Flow was also implemented. Lightning Flow enabled the client to streamline workflows and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. For example, With Lightning Flow, the customer will have an easy document upload management process. These files are then stored in a central database are easily accessible, allowing employees to apply the time previously spent searching for needed documents to value-added tasks.

Lighting Web Components were extensively used for additional customizations. By utilizing Lighting Web Components and Apex, the applications now have a unique and targeted user experience for their customers. We were able to integrate their in-house applications using an APIGEE gateway, allowing the client to update their legacy application. The APIGEE also lets the client leverage their existing data and functionalities instead of forcing developers to redesign applications in Salesforce.

The Results

  • 360-degree customer information visibility during calls with a customer, resulting in overall improved average call handling times
  • Improved customer satisfaction scores
  • Roadmaps were created for over 2,000 story points, allowing further refinement of applications and enhancements of features as needed.
  • The integration of Salesforce applications and the use of an APIGEE gateway put the client on a successful path towards retiring their existing in-house service applications.

Our Role

Omniskope’s senior consultants were part of the implementation team, providing the client with a new, flexible solution designed to grow as their business does. Our dedicated senior consultants worked with the client to ensure they achieved a smooth go-live and provide ongoing support. The client saw improvement in both customer satisfaction scores and employee productivity.

Omniskope’s experienced senior consultants are experts in providing salesforce cloud solutions, implementations, and integrations to help businesses grow and transform. If you are ready to see what Omniskope can do for your business, please contact us today!

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