Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Improves Productivity and Efficiency for Health Insurance Company

At a Glance

The client is an independent licensee of a United States health insurance company and a nonprofit mutual insurance company. They provide and administer health benefits to members residing in the midwestern United States. 


  • Industry: Health insurance 
  • HQ: Midwestern, United States
  • Type: B2C
  • Products: Service Cloud, OOTB applications, Chatter, Salesforce training

The Challenge

The client was operating on an inflexible and outdated legacy system when they began their partnership with Omniskope. The system was inhibiting the organization’s growth, and without automated and streamlined workflows, some departments were picking up extra, unrelated work to their field, resulting in lowered employee productivity. However, for the new system to work effectively, the client had to understand the degree to which Salesforce could help grow their business. Their employees also had to be trained in and knowledgeable of Salesforce and its different tools and applications. 


The Solution

For the client to further grow their business, they first had to replace their legacy system. This was done through a phased approach beginning with the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and the use of Salesforce out-of-the-box (OOTB) applications. Using Service Cloud, the client created individualized call experiences for each customer as the application allowed representatives to see all relevant customer information on a single screen. OOTB applications gave the client access to an extensive database of applications, allowing them to easily customize their Salesforce solution to fit their needs without programming or coding knowledge. Of the many applications, the client found Salesforce Live Agent, Salesforce Knowledge, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) notably useful in streamlining workflows, leading to increased efficiency among employees. 

In addition to Service Cloud, Salesforce Chatter was set up for the client to use. Chatter eliminated departmental silos and created an enterprise social network for the client. In a centralized hub for business collaboration, the client’s employees could quickly contact fellow employees, collaborate on projects, and share files and data across their organization. 
While replacing the client’s legacy system with Salesforce set their business back on track, they had little knowledge of Salesforce or how to use it. To ensure the client could continue to use Salesforce to accelerate their digital transformation, they were taught how to use the software during weekly training sessions. The client’s business systems analysts were trained to do administrative work in Salesforce, which had been previously assigned to their engineering team. With this work no longer assigned to the engineering team, they could focus on UI (user interface) customizations and logic building, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

The Result

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Greater employee collaboration
  • Access to user story documentation, providing the client with an exact point of reference for whether a project was successful or not
  • Streamlined workflows ensured work was being done by the correct department
  • Five legacy systems replaced with Salesforce
  • Four more legacy systems set to be replaced with Salesforce in the next two years

Our Role

Businesses often tend to stick with old systems and procedures to gravitate towards what feels the safest and most comfortable. However, sticking to these comfort zones can be dangerous for any business. 

That is why the client immediately reached out to Omniskope for help when they noticed their outdated system’s impact on their business. Our skilled senior consultants implemented a new, flexible Salesforce solution and trained the client and their employees to use the system. With the help of Omniskope, the client leveraged Salesforce to increase employee efficiency and productivity and was placed on a path to replace all their legacy systems. 

Is an archaic software solution inhibiting your business? Our senior consultants can help free your business from legacy systems through the implementation of Salesforce. Get started by contacting us today!

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