Prestigious Higher Education Institution Streamlines Payroll and Disability Processing with Oracle ERP

At a Glance

The client is an independent, coeducational, nondenominational higher education institution. They provide undergraduate and graduate instruction in social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and the arts and humanities.

  • Industry: Higher Education
  • HQ: East Coast, United States
  • Type: B2C 
  • Products: PeopleSoft Time and Labor module, TimeClock Plus, PeopleSoft Absence Management module, PeopleSoft Extended Leave sub-module

The Challenge

The client was operating off a 17-year-old custom time and labor application to track and administer hourly pay to their more than 4,000 bi-weekly and hourly staff and graduate and undergraduate students. The system had outdated architecture and code that could not support business process changes required by external regulations and internal business needs. The aging system could not support and process any new requests inputted into the application because the underlying business and technical architecture were too complicated.
The client also struggled to properly track and monitor Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) applications and the hours for each leave. The client operated off PeopleSoft's Short-Term Disability and Workers Compensation components, which used job rows to input leave dates. Due to this, administrators could not understand all the FMLA leave taken and the hours remaining for each. The system was also unable to process intermittent leave requests as these requests were often in hour increments, but the platform could only process full days. To properly track and monitor intermittent leave requests, the client's managers were tracking hours offline on paper spreadsheets and then filling out Leave of Absence (LOA) return to work eForms. Processing FMLA leads on two separate, disjointed systems created data silos and left the client at risk for essential forms to not be filled out, for data to be inputted incorrectly, and double data entry. 

The Solution

The client’s out-dated application was replaced with the Time and Labor module from PeopleSoft HCM (human capital management) suite to expedite payroll processing. Implementing the Time and Labor module ensured the client could quickly input and process both existing and new payment requests. The system's flexibility ensures the platform will evolve to accommodate any business process changes. The module gave the client a singular user-interface that easily handles changes in reporting policies such as new overtime rules, changes to minimum wage, new time reporting codes, or changes to union contracts.
The PeopleSoft module was integrated with TimeClock Plus to automate the collection of time and attendance information. The data collected by TimeClock Plus is integrated with PeopleSoft Time and Labor for processing. This allowed the client to enable managers to reduce deployment risk and better manage, control, and report employee labor by providing them with in-depth data and information related to employee attendance and time worked.
The Time and Labor module was also integrated with the client's Information Warehouse to streamline reporting. The information repository integrates data from the client's various systems and applications, including the Time and Labor module, for easy, unified reporting. The system is updated nightly with data from multiple sources to ensure they have continuous access to the most relevant information, allowing them to improve reporting capabilities and analytics continually. 
PeopleSoft Absence Management module was implemented, and PeopleSoft Extended Leave sub-module was enabled, establishing a unified system and providing the client with a comprehensive view of all FMLA leaves. Additional customizations were added to the client's Short-Term Disability and Workers Compensation components to enhance their existing system further. These customizations allowed their current system to send and process absence events for FMLA short-term disability, FMLA work from home, and standalone FMLA requests, eliminating the need to process intermittent disability offline and demolishing data silos. With all the data stored in a single database, the client's administrators could get clear, up-to-date visibility of all ongoing FMLA requests allowing them to quickly and easily answer employee questions and stay compliant with FMLA requirements. 

The Results

  • 90% of the clients' requirements were met by the PeopleSoft Time and Labor module
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Automated processes and approvals created streamlined workflows 
  • In-depth and accurate reporting
  • Increased data integration

Our Role

With Omniskope's skilled senior consultant’s help, the client streamlined their workflows and expedited critical payment and leave processes. At the go-live date, the client was equipped with key modules integrated into an updated PeopleSoft system to automate and create a unified payment process. The client is also set up to see a successful implementation at their future go-live date for the integration of modules and submodules that will allow them to process leave requests quickly. PeopleSoft's flexibility allows the client to be compliant with internal and external requirements, simplifies the collection and processing of crucial applications, and creates a centralized data repository, ultimately leading the client to experience an uptick in employee productivity and satisfaction. 

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