Private Holding Company Strengths Lead Conversion with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

At a Glance

The client is a private holding company and a parent company of several car rental companies. They also own and operate over 100 car dealerships throughout the United States. The client offers a mixture of automotive services, including; fleet management business for companies, car rentals, and car-sharing programs. 

  • Industry: Automotive 
  • HQ: Midwestern, United States
  • Type: B2C & B2B
  • Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Journey Builder, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

The Challenge

The client initiated the project because they were struggling to track and convert leads. They were operating off a legacy system that did not consolidate leads and had no way to identify unique, new leads, causing the client to lose potential customers. The client was also experiencing difficulties maintaining customer satisfaction. Their existing system offered little in marketing software and provided the client's employees with a limited understanding of current customers. 

The Solution

The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud was a crucial step as the software is equipped with lead management. Sales Cloud lets the client track all lead information and creates a centralized, easy-to-access database with up-to-date customer contact information. The system’s lead tracking gave employees a clear understanding of where the lead came from and provided them with relevant information, making it easier to convert leads. The software also has automatic lead scoring, routing, and prioritization, ensuring leads get the full attention they need and that they never fall through the cracks. With the help of Sales Cloud, the client could efficiently track leads from capture to close. 
Salesforce Marketing Cloud was implemented to streamline the client’s marketing operations. The software allows the client to create map attributes from various data such as contacts, leads, and accounts. When built, the client can share these attributes across their cloud software, making it easier to edit and personalize the data to fit the client’s current business needs. Marketing Cloud is also equipped with email tracking, letting the client understand their email marketing effectiveness. Email tracking monitors email openings, click-through rates, and undelivered email. All data collected is then compiled into a database so the client can see and understand trends relating to their email marketing campaigns.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud SMS marketing was implemented to support SMS opt-in functionalities. With SMS marketing, the client can establish an automated texting system to send customers quick, engaging content like updates and promotions. SMS marketing creates new lead and contact objects when a prospect opts-in to receive messages. The system then preserves and updates data as the contact moves through the lead conversion process. The information is kept in a centralized database that can be accessed throughout the Marketing Cloud, allowing the client’s employees to gain an encompassing view of customers. In addition to Salesforce Marketing Cloud SMS, an existing API was reconfigured to create new endpoints for authentication to enhance phone interaction with customers. A new, real-time call MS API was also configured to create an individualized subscriber ID for the client, making them immediately recognizable via phone calls. 
The project’s final component was the use of Salesforce Journey Builder to establish personalized experiences for the clients’ customers. Journey Builder creates a comprehensive database of customer information to build personalized interaction with each customer. The software also brings together email and SMS conversations and data into one module, giving sales representatives an encompassing view of past communications with customers and what did and did not work for engaging them. Journey Builder is built on a flexible framework allowing the client to continually change customers’ paths based on their current and predicted behaviors and develop one-on-one relationships with every customer.


The Results

  • The ability to easily track leads across multiple systems 
  • A central repository for all leads 
  • Elimination of duplicate leads 
  • Simplified customer tracking using Journey Builder 
  • Automated lead routing prevents the loss of potential leads 
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • 360-degree customer visibility 

Our Role

Sometimes, despite a business's best efforts, they find themselves struggling to capture and convert leads. They have strong marketing and sales strategies, but they see a decrease in sales and customer satisfaction. Why? Because they are missing a key component- an up-to-date, flexible CRM software solution like Salesforce. Omniskope has helped many businesses successfully navigate the implementation of Salesforce. That is why, when the client began to see a drop in leads, they reached out to us for help. Omniskope's expert senior consultants mapped out and implemented a specialized Salesforce solution. At the go-live date, the client had a Salesforce CRM software solution to help them steadily grow their business and customer base for years to come. 


If your company struggles with lost leads and decreased customer satisfaction, contact Omniskope today to learn more about how we can help!

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