Electric Vehicle Charging Company Leverages Salesforce Sales Cloud to Improve Customer Satisfaction

At a Glance

The client is a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging, offering an extensive open network of DC fast-charging stations throughout the United States, plus home EV charging products. 

  • Industry: Automotive 
  • HQ: Southern United States
  • Type: B2C
  • Solutions/Technologies: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Live Chat, Salesforce Web-to-Case, Salesforce Email-to-Case, Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Knowledge, and Salesforce Social Studio 

The Challenge

At the beginning of the project, the client experienced a decline in sales, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. They had no existing platform to sell home chargers to customers, creating a taxing and time-consuming sales process. The client’s agents had limited access to customer and call information, making it difficult to discern whether they were using a public or home charging station. On top of this, agents had to deal with an influx of spam from web forms, which led to longer case resolution times and lowered customer satisfaction. Departmental silos were also established due to a lack of an internal communication platform, limiting employee collaboration and inhibiting employee productivity. 

The Solution

The implementation of Sales Cloud was instrumental in helping the client improve customer satisfaction and convert leads. Web-to-Case and Email-to-Case were established to capture case information from the client’s website and their dedicated support email. The obtained case information was then automatically sorted and placed into a centralized database, giving the client’s agents a 360-degree view of their customers. Within Sales Cloud, Live Agent was implemented, allowing the client to start personalized live chats with customers to provide immediate support. Live Agent connects employees with a complete customer profile to respond to conversations or route the conversation to the right agent. The client’s sales team created a personalized sales journey for each customer by utilizing all of this. 

Sales Cloud Lead Management was implemented to help the client expand their customer base by identifying and converting leads. Lead Management lets the client track information about leads and creates a database with the most up-to-date contact information. The software is also equipped with lead tracking to see where a lead came from and view any relevant insight into the lead, allowing employees to convert more leads faster. 

The Sales Cloud OOTB applications Knowledge and Chatter were utilized to enhance employee productivity. Chatter established an organizational social network for secure employee collaboration that allowed them to share files and needed information quickly across departments demolishing silos. Chatter also helped the client drive employee engagement with team recognition and celebration. Knowledge was implemented to help the client’s agents easily identify all the support documents. The software also automatically sorted articles into different data categories building a better, more accessible structure for data and eliminating the time-consuming process of combing through records to find vital information. 

Lastly, Salesforce Social Studio was implemented. Social Studio gives the client access to relevant feedback across their marketing, service, and sales campaign with reporting tied to their social media accounts. In Social Studio, agents can create cases in Salesforce using social media handles, adding another layer to customer knowledge. The application gave the client’s marketing teams insight into customers’ changing needs and what marketing campaigns worked best, allowing them to drill down into the most profitable strategies. 

The Results

  • Customers can now reach out with questions from multiple platforms and receive a speedy response 
  • Enhanced security blocked out irrelevant spam data 
  • Increased sales
  • Easy identification of leads
  • Increased lead conversion rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improved performance of agents in case resolution time
  • Improved team engagement and collaboration
  • Ability to connect and address concerns on social media platforms
  • Identification of the most profitable sales and marketing strategies

Our Role

Omniskope’s senior consultants worked closely with the client to fully leverage the Sales Cloud capabilities to maximize their marketing efficiencies. Our dedicated team worked to customize and implement a Salesforce solution based on the client’s specific requirements. At the go-live date, the client had a solution designed to support customers throughout their buying journey. The Sales Cloud platform’s versatility enables the client to automate marketing processes and ultimately improve employee productivity moving forward. 

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