Financial Institution Streamlines Sales and Demolishes Silos with Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud

At a Glance

The client is a leading financial institution that serves individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk management products and services. 


  • Industry: Financial services
  • HQ: Southern United States
  • Type: B2C & B2B
  • Products: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Salesforce1

The Challenge

When the client began their partnership with Omniskope, they had already implemented standard Salesforce technology. But they had no specific solutions to help them with sales, opportunities, or leads, causing them to experience decreased customer satisfaction. A team of developers maintained the client’s existing solution. Developers were forced to go back and forth between applications and solutions to meet requirements, creating siloed work and a lack of synchronicity between developers. This, paired with the fact that updates to the system were being made via continuous integration (CI), forcing developers to integrate new codes into a shared repository several times a day, caused the client to experience a drop in developer productivity and satisfaction.


The Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented to give the client a solution designed to help them facilitate business growth and increase customer satisfaction. This solution allowed the client to create a database of in-depth customer information and data, which the client utilized to evolve their sales strategy to meet customer’s changing needs, creating a personalized customer experience. 

Opportunity Management and Lead Management were also implemented to assist the client’s sales team and streamline operations. With Opportunity Management, the client’s sales team can view critical details of customers, competition, and deal stages. With mapped out, sales information sales associates could clearly understand customer’s activity and ongoing deals, giving them insight into what moves they need to make next to win. Opportunity Management also allows the client to customize the application to reflect their sales and forecasting stages. Lead Management gave the client a rich timeline with the most up-to-date contact information, enabling sales associates to see where a marketing campaign lead came from, making it easier for them to convert more leads faster. 

The continuous integration (CI)/ continuous development (CD) process was implemented to update the client’s system, break down silos between developers, and create synchronicity. CI/CD bridges the gap between developmental and operational teams by forcing them to create automation in all stages, from building to testing and developing applications. A centralized record was made for requirements allowing developers to access requirements without using a different application. A specific developer was also assigned to merge the feature branch to the main code branch at the end of each day, ensuring that all updates and data were saved correctly with no overlapping. All of this combined allowed developers to know what they should specifically be working on and what the rest of the team was working on, breaking down data and department silos. 

Lastly, Salesforce1 was implemented, allowing developers to quickly and easily create applications without coding from scratch because many items can draw on prebuilt Lightning Components. The mobile application also enables application development and data exchange through APIs, enabling applications built on different code bases to interact without conflict or shared data, letting developers create critical apps without the hassles associated with typical application development. 

The Results

  • Developers can now create stories in 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks 
  • With developers in synch, they no longer need to continually rework stories when receiving new information or data from fellow developers, saving the client an entire day 
  • It only takes a day instead of two days to test applications
  • Data and department silos demolished 
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased developer & employee satisfaction
  • Increase developer & employee productivity 


Our Role

With our Salesforce and developer expertise, Omniskope was contracted to streamline the client’s sales processes and create synchronicity with their developers when they noticed decreased customer and developer satisfaction. Our skilled senior consultants worked with the client to implement a custom Salesforce solution designed to give them a 360-degree insight into current and prospective customers. The senior consultant also worked closely with the client to implement solutions such as a centralized repository of requirements and Salesforce1 to break down data and departmental silos for developers, letting them collaborate and communicate on projects freely. All of this combined allowed the client to experience an uptick in customer, employee, and developer satisfaction and gave them a solid foundation to build upon as their business grows. 

Are you struggling with a lack of team synchronization or streamlining your sales, marketing, or other operations? Contact Omniskope to begin your consultation and see how our skilled team can help you today! 

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