Seven Spectacular Features of Salesforce’s Winter ‘21 Release

  • By Do Bartek
  • November 2022
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Winter is finally here. And while for many people, that means colder temperatures, longer nights, and snow, it also signals the start of Salesforce’s release season. Though 2020 has been quite a rough (and strange) year thanks to COVID-19, Salesforce never seems to stop upgrading and releasing new features to help businesses get back on their feet. This continues to be evident with the Salesforce Winter ‘21 release.

Though we are nearly two months into the Salesforce Winter ‘21 release, the new features continue to wow customers.

Listed below are the top seven features we found to be the most useful. Let’s dig into the details of each of those features.

Create Engaging Email Templates

To kick off our list of new features, we have new visual tools in Salesforce’s Email Template Builder. Emails give your customers a quick snapshot of your business so sending professional, appealing emails is essential when communicating with customers. While Salesforce is on the leading-edge for email creation and automation, the ability to create compelling email templates seems to have been left behind. Previously, to create email templates, you had to add specific HTML code, preventing users who have limited to no knowledge of HTML unable to use the platform to its fullest potential.

Winter ’21 aims to remedy this pain point for users with new visual tools in Email Template Builder. The new tools allow you to create email templates with just a few clicks to place design elements right where you want them. Instead of searching for the correct HTML code, you and your users can drag and drop elements to create appealing, effective email templates. Plus, the templates are available to any users you have permitted to send emails, making it easy to get started creating engaging email templates today.

Create Fully Personalized Surveys with Smart Surveys

First introduced in the Spring ‘18 release, the survey feature has been a significant feature for helping teams gather information internally and externally.

Survey moderators can now get more out of each survey as it has become more dynamic. By using conditions and rules, survey creators can architect out the whole survey journey for each user. Additionally, personalized survey invitations could add another level of uniqueness and leave each customer feeling special.

Salesforce Anywhere Makes Remote Work a Breeze

2020 has been anything but ordinary. COVID-19 has changed the way we work seemingly overnight, as so many businesses navigate having remote teams for the first time. Salesforce Anywhere was created to accommodate the new needs of companies during the pandemic. 

Salesforce Anywhere enables you and your team to work from wherever. With Salesforce Anywhere, you can integrate alerts and chat about different records into your business processes. The app brings you alerts, chats, comments, and videos in a unified view. Now you and your users can collaborate on records and get updates on reports in real-time without having to pull up another window or even getting on the computer when you utilize the iOS app. 

Salesforce Anywhere puts you and your employees on the same page. It sets your business up to face any new challenges while also allowing you to better engage with customers, all without ever having to go into the office.

Easily Track Employees Hours With Service Cloud’s Field Service Timesheets

Every business' goal is to keep their useful tools in one place, and this is Salesforce’s goal too! 

With Service Cloud’s Field Service Timesheets, managers can keep track of their field employees’ working hours all in one place. Although named as the field service timesheet feature, it can be used as a timesheet for all workers and is not limited to field workers.
Image from Salesforce release notes

Sales Cloud’s Opportunity Deal Keeps You Up-To-Date On Deals

Sales representatives know precisely how often opportunity amounts change throughout the sales cycle and how overwhelming it can be.

To combat this, Salesforce has introduced the Sales Cloud Opportunity Deal. The feature highlights increases and decreases in the amount of money involved in each deal. This makes it easier for both your sales representatives and managers to stay updated with the flow of deals. Features Help Businesses Navigate COVID-19

The way we live and work is continuously evolving in this new landscape of COVID-19. Some businesses have begun reopening their office spaces and welcoming their workers back. 

To help ease this transition back to the office, Salesforce released new features on the platform. These new features help companies scale their on-site capacity and keep their employees updated with safety protocols. 

For instance, the Queue Management feature helps companies maintain a limited number of customers and eliminates physical crowds. Broadcast Messaging is another feature that could help keep employees updated by allowing bulk messaging in just a few clicks.

New Personalized Trailhead Learning Paths

The last feature to wrap up our list is an update to Salesforce’s self-learning online platform, Trailhead. Trailhead is a powerful resource for people to learn more about Salesforce. 

No matter if beginners are using it to understand what Salesforce is or by veterans to stay up to date with new features, Trailhead has always been the go-to place. During the Winter ‘21 release, Trailhead has polished up its suggestion algorithm to offer each of its users a personalized learning experience fitted to their needs.

These seven features only scratch the surface of what Winter ’21 offers. One thing is clear, though, Salesforce CRM is listening to users’ pain points and continuously evolving to meet our needs. With the ease of creating engaging email templates and the implementation of in-app guidance, Salesforce has simplified the user experience. While field timesheets and Salesforce Anywhere make it easier for users to work from anywhere. 

If your business needs help discerning these and other Salesforce features to find the best solution for your unique business, contact Omiskope today!

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