AI Cloud: Updates from the Salesforce AI Day

  • By Shuchi Bhardwaj
  • July 2023
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Summer of AI

Summer of ’23: We are witnessing the winds of change. AI is set to transform the way you work and connect with your customers. We bring you the top stories from AI Day.

Salesforce predicted it
Salesforce came prepared

Salesforce began its AI journey as early as 2014 when it launched the Einstein platform—the world’s first AI for CRM. Today, Einstein powers over 1 trillion predictions per week across Salesforce’s applications. 

In March 2023, Salesforce announced Einstein GPT—the GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) technology for the Salesforce platform. Now, with all the hype around Generative AI, Salesforce is having its time in the sun. It has become the #1 AI CRM.

In May 2023, Salesforce introduced Tableau GPT (Tableau Pulse). The company also unveiled Slack GPT.

June 2023 saw Salesforce unveil Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT. Recently, they launched Sales GPT and Service GPT.

AI Cloud: Showering artificial Intelligence
on businesses

AI Cloud is a suite of capabilities for delivering real-time generative experiences across all applications. To provide generative AI, it will integrate Salesforce technologies, including Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow, and MuleSoft.

At the heart of AI Cloud is Einstein, which helps make every company and employee more productive and efficient.

Einstein GPT to lend a helping hand
to all departments in an organization

AI will augment the capability of your teams. So, they perform better than ever. How about exploring some use cases?

AI Cloud will enable your marketing teams to generate personalized content swiftly. Without AI cloud, only a few top-performing marketers would have generated such content after spending hours on research and years on experience. Explore Marketing GPT. 

Similarly, service teams can auto-generate personalized agent chat replies and case summaries with AI Cloud. When a customer waits for a response on call, an agent worries about the delay while he/she looks for the right information.

Einstein GPT can fetch the right answers as quick as a flash. Enabling the agents to listen patiently to the customers, delivering remarkable service experiences, and closing more cases. Explore Service GPT.

AI Cloud will enable sellers to quickly auto-generate emails tailored to their customer’s needs. Sales reps get the best-performing content in no time. Leaving more time for building relationships and selling faster. Explore Sales GPT.

Developers can generate code faster. They can improve and speed-up testing and troubleshooting with Apex GPT.

Sales leaders can leverage Tableau Pulse. They can use natural language prompts to generate visualizations that display real-time progress against their quota. Explore Tableau GPT.

Commerce teams can automatically generate product descriptions for each buyer based on their customer data. Everything in the brand tone of voice. They can even translate the description with a click. (So much time saved!) They also get recommendations regarding missing descriptions or the ‘next best action.’ (For next level accuracy and quality). Explore Commerce GPT.

You get what works best. You get it fast.

Data cloud will set the stage for generative AI

Salesforce will embed AI in the flow of work. But AI needs data. Those planning to leverage Generative AI should organize their data first.

Mulesoft connects all your data under the sun. It combines all the customer data from different data sources like customer cloud, data lake, legacy systems, etc.

Data Cloud brings all the data in one consistent format. So, you get a view of harmonized data.

AI Data CRM = customer magic
Brighten up the day for your customers!

Now, what next? Make hay while the sun shines!

Source: Salesforce

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