Key Dates for Salesforce’s Spring ‘22 Release

  • By Katelyn Stevenson
  • December 2021
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It’s that time of the year again. The Salesforce Spring ‘22 release is just around the corner. Soon, you will have access to the Spring ‘22 preview window, be sure to plan ahead so you know what and when everything will be released. 

Below are the key dates for Spring ’22 so you can easily plan ahead and mark the key dates on your calendar. 

Available Now

The Release Readiness Trailblazer Community is available for you to join now. By joining this community, you will have access to all available resources related to the latest Salesforce release, plus you can get all your questions about the release and implementation answered here. 

New to managing releases? Salesforce has you covered with the Prepare for Salesforce Releases Trailhead module. This module will teach you about the latest release features and help you craft a release strategy. You can also sign up with the Getting Started with Release Readiness series to get step-by-step guidance and helpful tools to finetune your release strategy. 

December 16

The sign-up for the Spring ‘22 pre-release environments begins. But what is the pre-release org? It is a test environment with new features enabled, giving you lots of time to test and determine which features are best for your unique business needs. Plus, if you already created a pre-release org for Winter ‘22, you can log back into that one. 

Unsure what features you want to implement? Join Salesforce’s Trailblazer Community Treasure Hunt to see what fellow customers are excited about. 

December 22

Salesforce makes preview release notes available through Salesforce Help. Here you can easily can the release notes and use filters to display only the sections that relate to the specific edition and clouds you currently are using. 

January 6

You must have an active sandbox on a preview instance to get the Spring ‘22 preview in your sandbox by this date. You can use your sandbox to get early access to the newest features and test your configurations before the scheduled upgrade. 

January 7 & 8

On these dates, the sandboxes upgrade meaning your chosen sandboxes are upgraded to Spring ‘22 this weekend. The preview allows you to test features without impacting your live environment, just like the pre-release program. However, you can try new features using a configuration that matches your production environment with the upgrade.

January 7

The Spring ‘22 release site goes live on this date. However, Salesforce knows that everyone gets their release information differently. This is why they also have the Release Highlights module on Trailhead, allowing you to quickly and easily learn about new features. They also offer demo videos, community forums, and more to make learning and staying up-to-date about the release super easy. 

January 14

This date is Salesforce’s first Spring ‘22 release weekend, during which Salesforce and a small number of customers get upgraded. At this point, you should already have your critical features picked out, and if you are ready for the update, the Release Readiness Trailblazers will have all the content you need to get your users up-to-speed on all the new features you plan to use. 

February 4-11

Salesforce’s admin and developer evangelists kick off the Spring ’22 Release with their favorite features from the Spring ’22 Release through the release readiness live broadcast. The broadcast will also feature a discussion and demo of the newest features with Salesforce’s product management team, allowing you to see how new features work in real-time and giving you a sneak peek into the roadmap for 2022. You will be able to view the full schedule and agenda in January on the Release Readiness Trailblazer group. 

February 4

This is Salesforce’s second release weekend, during which another set of instances will get upgraded. Check out Salesforce’s Trust page for the latest information on the timing of upgrades. However, since the upgrade only takes five minutes, it should not impact uptime or operations for your business. 

February 11 & 12

This is the final release weekend. All remaining Salesforce instances will be upgraded during this time, even if you opted out of including your org in the sandbox preview. 

It is essential to stay up-to-date on everything going on with Salesforce and the Spring ‘22 release to ensure your business will be able to hit the ground running with the latest features and upgrades. You can even easily add all of these dates to your calendar by checking out Salesforce’s public release calendar.

Still unsure what new release features are best suited for your business, or do you need help implementing a Salesforce solution before the release? Omniskope’s skilled consultants are here to help! Contact us today to begin a consultation and get all your Spring ‘22 questions answered. 


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