5 Coolest Winter ’23 Salesforce

  • By Shuchi Bhardwaj
  • October 2023
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Cool winds of change are here. Is Salesforce becoming even cooler? Absolutely, because the Salesforce winter '23 update is just a few weeks away from going live. We're eagerly anticipating the updates. Check out a bunch of cool new features and improved functions. So, let's jump right in:

1) Boost customization with Dynamic Forms 

Elevate the data accuracy and deliver a smoother user experience using Custom Address Fields, which are now available. Craft more adaptable Lightning record pages using Dynamic Forms, now available for specific Salesforce objects. You can filter by multiple picklist values and spot the most relevant records within dynamic related lists. Elevate the robustness of your account (including person accounts, contacts, and opportunity record pages) by configuring them with Dynamic Forms.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Dynamic Forms provide higher adaptability to Lightning record pages, enabling a tailored user experience based on specific requirements.
  • Enhanced data accuracy: By incorporating Custom Address Fields, you can improve the accuracy of data captured, leading to more reliable insights and outcomes.
  • Improved user experience: Dynamic Forms contribute to a smoother and more intuitive user journey, allowing users to access and interact with pertinent information effortlessly.
  • Efficient filtering: The ability to filter by multiple picklist values empowers users to quickly locate and focus on the records that matter the most.
  • Expanded usability: These updates are effective across various Salesforce editions, including Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

2) Leverage collaborative forecast

Using Collaborative Forecasts, sales teams can project and plan their sales cycles from pipeline to closed sales so that they can manage expectations. The forecasts page's forecasts are totals and subtotals of the opportunities in the standard forecast categories: Pipeline, Best Case, Commit, and Closed.

a. Create Custom Calculated Forecast Columns to match your business 

Now you have the flexibility to tailor your forecasts as per your business needs. You can use up to five custom calculated columns per forecast type. 

For instance, you can add custom columns for commit coverage or best-case-to-commit ratios. You have more control–show, hide, and reorder most standard and custom columns on the forecasts page.

b. Select which Custom Opportunity Fields you want in your forecasts

Previously, your filtering options were limited to record type, standard number, standard currency, and standard picklist fields. But now, you can pick Custom Opportunity Fields to be Included or Excluded from Your Forecasts. Sales team can now narrow down the data they're analyzing by custom number, currency, and picklist fields.


c. Salesforce Desktop Site Forecasts become more user-friendly 

Salespeople and other forecast users will now enjoy better visuals and easier navigation on the forecasts page. When there's been an adjustment to a forecast value, you'll get all the details in a single popup rather than two. And to ensure you always have your timeframe handy, the time period column stays frozen as you scroll horizontally in the summary view.


3) Discover enhanced reports and dashboards

Here's the scoop on some exciting upgrades for your reports and dashboards. We've got a couple of standout updates that are sure to benefit both users and admins alike.

Earlier, we could already filter report types by Salesforce objects. But in the Winter '23 release, we're taking it up a notch. Now, Salesforce lets you filter custom report types based on Salesforce fields. 

You can pinpoint custom report types that have specific standard or custom fields. Filter report types using up to 20 fields to make sure your report has exactly the info you're looking for. 

That's not all. Salesforce has also introduced a neat improvement for reviewing custom reports. With this enhancement, you'll get a visual peek into the structure of custom report types. It lays out the connections between joined objects, making the report's composition much clearer to understand.

4) Say hello to updated Einstein

a. A warm welcome to Einstein Conversation Insights 

Let us start with the cool new feature called Einstein Conversation Insights! If you're a newbie to this in Sales, you'll get a friendly welcome for you with a welcome mat, helpful training videos, and a step-by-step guide right within the app. 

b. Objection insights

Wait, there's more. Sales reps and managers now get objection insights about customer objections and quicker access to reviewed calls. It's all about making your sales game even sharper. Great stuff, right? 

Spotting objections tied to budget, authority, need, and timing just got easier – they now pop up in both video and voice recordings. Plus, reps can see them right on the activity timeline in the relevant areas. 

c. New Einstein Search for Knowledge

This handy tool is like GPS for service agents. It will help them quickly find relevant articles to help them resolve cases faster. This feature is now accessible to all. 

d. Check out Interactive Einstein Search Answers

Further enhancing the ability to swiftly address cases, this feature pulls out important information from knowledge articles, and displays the summary in three short lines that agents can easily use and share.

e. Enhancements in Einstein scoring model timings

Salesforce has made things even smoother. Lead and opportunity models will now get a refresh every month instead of every ten days. This will help boost the overall performance. 

5) Level up with Lightning Web Components in mobile app

Now craft fantastic experiences for mobile app users with Lightning web components (Field service). You can use standard components to build robust guided procedures, create specialized documents with prefilled data from work orders, or build your very own custom components.

Hope you enjoyed going through these updates. You can read more about the Salesforce Winter ‘23 release here. 

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