Seven Stand-Out Features of Salesforce’s Winter ‘22 Release

  • By Katelyn Stevenson
  • 10/18/2021
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As temperatures grow colder for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it signals the end to a long summer and that it is finally time for the Salesforce Winter ’22 release! Salesforce releases updates to its platform three times a year (Spring, Summer, and Winter) to provide continuous improvements to its solutions and platform. 

Continue reading to learn more about our key highlights and what they can offer you and your business. 


Boost Field Reps’ Productivity with Product Sequencing

Increase your field reps’ productivity by placing their onsite tasks in the most effective order to make the most of the time they spend at stores. With predefined, logical sequences of products, you can eliminate the confusion and guesswork, allowing your reps to understand which product assessment indicators they should capture next easily. 

Diagnose, Track, and Prevent Service Interruptions

Response time can be critical when dealing with urgent incidents that affect your customers, and Salesforce knows this. That is why they have introduced incident management to allow you to eliminate potential complications quickly. 

With Incident Management, you can log issues to identify the root cause of service outages and manage any changes that need to be applied to ensure the problem does not reoccur all within Salesforce. 

Get a Head Start on Building Omni-Channel Flows with Templates

Salesforce knows that designing flows can be overwhelming and not as straightforward as build workflows or process builders. That is why Winter ‘22 has introduced Omni-Channel flow templates. 

The new templates save you time by making it easy to customize flows created from specific templates allowing you to route work based on your needs. 

Give Your Customers Control Over Their Appointments

With the Winter ‘22 update to field service, you can now give your customers more control over their appointments. 

With Self-Service Scheduling for Appointment Assistant, you can let your customers book, reschedule, cancel, and confirm appointments. Allowing you to reduce call volumes, lighten your agent’s workloads, and help prevent no-shows. 

Give Agents More Context with a Customized Screen Pop

Personalize the service provided to your customers by giving your agents access to more information about the conversation. 

With screen pop, your admins will be able to automatically open up to three related records on their screen when a call, message, or chat is routed to them. Allow your agents to have all the information they need to immediately work on a request and resolve it quickly. 

Streamline Sales by Editing Active Sales Cadences 

Having a steady, consistent sales cadence can make the difference when closing a deal. With the Winter ‘22 update to high-velocity sales, Salesforce aims to streamline your sales process. 

With active sales cadence, when your sales managers want to improve a sales cadence, they can edit active sales cadences without interrupting the ongoing sales outreach. Managers can also add and remove steps, update step names and descriptions, email templates and call script variants, sales cadence rules, and more during the ongoing call. With the ability to edit ongoing calls, your sales team gains new flexibility and can create the most personalized customer experience. 

Enhance Your Sales Pipelines with AI

Winter ‘22 introduces a wide range of updates to sales pipelines that allow you to track and understand important deals and opportunities easily. 

With the help of Einstein, you can now use AI to see which potential sales opportunities are the least and most likely to close each month. You will also easily understand when the next steps aren’t updated and see counts for close dates that are pushed out on opportunities.

You can now match your phone and video conversation records from video and phone calls to the corresponding opportunity so you can continue to execute a 360-degree view of the deal, allowing other team members to get caught up without slowing others down.


These seven features only highlight a small portion of what the Winter ‘22 release offers. But like with all their seasonal updates, Salesforce shows users their dedication to continuous development to meet users’ needs and give them even more flexibility. 

However, with updates and features spanning across their vast platforms, we know it can be difficult to discern which products may be best suited for business. That is where Omniskope comes in! Our skilled consultants will work with you to help you better understand the updates and create a personalized solution for your business. Contact us today to get started! 

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