Seven Sensational Features of Salesforce’s Summer ’21 Release

  • By Sravya Kamineni
  • June 2022
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Summer is here, and you know what that means. It's time for Salesforce's Summer '21 release. Salesforce has built many new features and improvements to bring excitement to users, developers, and administrators. 
In this article, we will highlight a few of Salesforce's newest and most exciting features. Ready to take a deep dive into some of the top innovative features of the Summer '21 release and see how Salesforce maintains its place as the World's #1 CRM? Continue reading below! 

Better Understand Customer's Preferences with Salesforce Surveys

Surveys are a powerful tool to collect customer feedback and data, allowing you to supercharge your customer experience. 

The newest update to Salesforce Surveys aims to further amp up your customer insight and experience by allowing you to send customers like or dislike questions in your email invitations. 

The update also allows users to send survey invitations to participants in bulk, allowing you to collect feedback and boost response rates. You can also gather more information from contacts, leads, and campaign members by sending surveys invitations in bulk. 

Lastly, the newest update makes it easier for your participants to share required details by allowing them to add them as attachments in their survey responses. Collect important participant information like address change or permit your customers to upload receipts to support their warrant claims.

Get Personalized Guidance When You Need It

The newest update makes Guidance Center available to all organizations and now comes with two new sets of resources. Now not only can you get personalized guidance when you need it when setting up your organization, but you also get the most value out of your implementation and can learn from admin best practices. With Summer '21, Admins can gain easy access to more dependable, actionable resources wherever they are in their implementation journey.

Get an Improved Experience from Forecast Types in Setup

With the new update, forecast-type administration has a whole new look and feel. With Summer '21 setup, flow easily guides you through the steps to create different forecast types. Plus, the Setup redesign makes it easy for you to manage your different forecasts on the Forecast Types page.

Measure Forecasts Your Way in Lightning Experience

All businesses are different, and Salesforce knows this, which is why they made Collaborative Forecasting functionality a lot more flexible in the newest release. You can now base your forecast reports on any number or currency custom fields. Not everyone creates forecasts off Opportunity Amounts. Some businesses use quantity metrics like pounds while others use variations of their Opportunity Amount, and the updated Collaborative Forecasting makes it possible to forecast off these scenarios and more. 

Focus on Accounts by Tracking as Campaign Members

The newest update has made Account-Based Campaign Management tools generally available to all users. You can now add accounts as campaign members from related lists as well as create standard and custom reports, so you easily track campaign and customer engagement. Plus, with the newest update, you can easily see and add accounts, including person accounts, added as campaign members in both Campaigns and Campaign Member related lists and standard reports. 

Build LinkedIn connection requests into sales processes with Sales Cadences

With the latest release, sales teams can connect with prospects via LinkedIn, easily see the engagement success of each sales candace step, and quickly advance sales cadences. 

LinkedIn can be a crucial tool for many teams, and Salesforce is working to make the use of Salesforce and LinkedIn even easier. Sales teams that utilize LinkedIn can now build InMail and connect requests right into their sales processes. Sales managers can now easily create sales cadences that connect with prospects via LinkedIn InMail and connection requests steps. 

It is essential to know how effective your sales process is and what is and is not working for prospects. Sales Cadence allows sales managers to see the effectiveness of their different sales cadence steps with Sales Cadence Engagement. Managers can easily view each step's engagement rates and totals for each email or call script, allowing them to update weak areas and drive their sales pipeline better. 

With the update, you can easily add more prospects to sales cadences and advance sales candace programmatically. Now your sales team can increase their active sales cadence target limit from 150,000 to 500,000. Salesforce has also expanded the sales cadence APIs, allowing you to easily use Process Builder, Flow, or custom code to advance or skip unnecessary steps automatically. 

Field Service Helps Start Workers Off on The Right Foot and Keep them on Track

Salesforce users already utilize Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) to automate their business, and the newest updates and upgrades to FSL make it an even more powerful asset to businesses.

You can now build recommendations faster and smarter with Einstein Recommendation Builder. The updates to Summer '21 work order recommendation template now include recommended parts, which the technician on-site can add. You can use the preconfigured Parts to Work Order template to easily recommend parts for work orders. 

The updates to FSL also make it easier to streamline asset setup and improve customer experience. You can now create a path on the Assets object that gives your workers visibility in asset setup status. Plus, easily acknowledge your worker's progress with a virtual confetti toss when assets reach designated path stages.

With the newest update, all Salesforce users can now deliver consistent services with work plans. Using work plans, you can easily guide your field service team with prescribed steps to help them easily complete work orders. Making it easier for front-line and back-office workers to complete assignments quickly and efficiently. Service managers can also create work plans for work orders from work plans and work step templates. 

Summer '21 has further improved Field Service Scheduling by simplifying rule violation checks by giving dispatchers even more control. Your dispatchers can also manually check rules for service appointments from the Gantt chart or list, or they can use the Check Rules button for all loaded services. Dispatchers can also now see worker absences on the shift calendar, whether they're planned or unexpected, allowing them to schedule shifts more accurately.  

Lastly, the Field Service Mobile App simplifies the selection and sharing of multiple records for offline workers. Plus, you can help mobile workers know when your company records and share their location, giving your customers better insight into their mobile workers' location. 

The Salesforce Summer '21 release has updated or introduced new features that give users even more flexibility and power to better their organizations. While we only highlighted a few of the many features of the release, these few show the dedication Salesforce has to continually better user experience. Be sure to check out Salesforce's official release notes if you want to learn even more about this latest release. 

Have questions about Salesforce and the Summer '21 release or want to implement some of the newest features but are unsure how to do so? Contact Omniskope today! Our skilled consultants will work one-on-one with you to create a tailored Salesforce experience unique to your business needs. 

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