Summer ‘23: It’s time to bask in the new features

  • By Shuchi Bhardwaj
  • May 2023
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As the warmth of summer approaches, so does the latest Salesforce release. The Summer 23 release brings forth an array of new functionalities. We invite you to look into the eight great salesforce features of the season.

Set field-level security for a field on Permission Sets instead of Profiles

It is a user access control best practice to use permission sets to manage your users’ permissions rather than profiles.
When you create a field, you can set its field-level security on permission sets instead of profiles. For existing fields, you can modify the field-level security for all permission sets in Object Manager. You can check each permission set’s object permissions for the field’s object right on the same page, so you don't have to go elsewhere.

Allow delegated admins to manage Permission Set Group Assignments

Delegated administrators will have a new ability to assign permission-set groups to users within their delegated group. This will free up the admin’s time for other important duties.

Automate and Migrate User Access With User Access Policies (Beta)

Make your life easier. Set up automatic rules for how your users get access to managed package licenses, permission sets, and other access stuff. These rules can automatically give or take away access whenever you create or update users. And if you need to change access for a group of users all at once, you can do that, too.

Elevate efficiency through mass quick actions on related lists (Beta)

Enhance the potential of your related lists and captivate your users by simplifying accessible actions and incorporating quick actions directly into related lists. These alterations signify that your users have the capability to generate associated records for list items without navigating away from the page. Furthermore, they can execute bulk updates on a scale of up to 100 records!

Enhance efficiency by associating Contacts with Cases in Email-to-Case

Coming to email functionalities, a fresh Flow has been introduced to facilitate the linkage of Contacts with Cases in Email-to-Case interactions. To utilize this capability, locate the flow template labeled 'Locate Contact for Linked Case from Email-to-Case' and integrate it into the Actions & Recommendations component.

Enhance in-app guidance by delivering targeted prompts on record fields

The In-App Guidance feature has been elevated to a higher level, now enabling the provision of enhanced clarity by directing prompts toward particular fields. Elevate the quality of your user experience.

Lightning App Builder: Extend the Dynamic Forms experience to your mobile users (Beta) 

Through Dynamic Forms, you gain the capability to independently add and remove fields on a Lightning record page, segment record details into multiple sections, and establish visibility rules for fields and field sections based on conditions, all within the Lightning App Builder.

With the introduction of Dynamic Forms on Mobile (beta), the same tailored experience available to desktop users is extended to mobile users. This beta version of Dynamic Forms on Mobile is compatible with accounts, cases, contacts, leads, opportunities, and custom objects.


Field Service: Effortlessly transition to enhanced scheduling and optimization in existing orgs

Starting Summer of '23, recently established Salesforce orgs automatically have Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization activated by default across all service territories. For orgs already in existence, a seamless shift to the enhanced engine is now possible. This enables the advantages of the new engine to be harnessed throughout all service territories. Moreover, the Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization feature can be utilized in scenarios where service appointments or resources do not have an associated service territory.

This functionality is accessible in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic modes within Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions, provided the Field Service managed package is installed.

Have quires regarding Salesforce and its Summer '22 release? Wish to integrate some of the latest features but need help with the execution process? Reach out to us. Our proficient consultants will craft a personalized Salesforce journey that aligns precisely with your specific business requirements.

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