The Top 7 Most Treasured Spring ’22 Features

  • By Priyanka Uppala
  • December 2022
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Winter isn't really my thing. Actually, I tend to feel cold most of the time (I even have all sorts of heated products!). That's why I'm eagerly looking forward to spring!
It's that time of year again when new features are added to our Salesforce orgs!

Stronger Data Protection

Data protection will always be a top priority, regardless of the number of releases that come out. With the Spring '22 release, we now have the ability to enable Enhanced Personal Information Management, which prevents external users such as community users or portals from viewing the information of other users.

Flow Updates

The Spring '22 release of Salesforce includes exciting updates for users, such as Enhanced Personal Information Management, which prioritizes data protection by preventing external users from viewing other users' information. Additionally, the update includes useful features for Salesforce Flow, including Auto-layout to automatically place flow elements (now GA), the Flow Trigger Explorer to view all flows associated with an object in one place, and the ability to quickly determine the running order of your flows. These updates demonstrate Salesforce's continued commitment to providing valuable tools for its users.

Chart a Successful Journey with the Field Service Learning Map

Unlock new possibilities and optimize your use of Field Service with the help of Salesforce experts. Our curated learning map is designed for admins, customers, partners, or anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and capabilities with Field Service.

By following our learning map, you can learn about the latest features and best practices, gain practical tips and tricks, and get hands-on experience with Field Service. Whether you are new to Field Service or a seasoned pro, our learning map has something for everyone.

With Field Service, you can streamline your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency. Let us help you get started with Field Service today!Where: Bookmark the Field Service learning map (English only) to return to it again.

How: The map directs you to resources for five key steps in the Field Service journey.

  • Discover Field Service and learn how it can help you.
  • Build Field Service with steps that consider setup dependencies.
  • Customize Field Service to meet the needs of your team.
  • Optimize your schedule to make the most out of appointment times.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Field Service issues to keep everything running smoothly.

Click each step on the path at the top of the map to see resources for that step.

Run your business on a tablet (GA)

Take advantage of the new full-width, high-performance Lightning tablet app experience available on currently supported iOS and Android tablets. This experience supports Lightning apps, navigation, record pages, and both landscape and portrait mode rotations, as well as the Lightning App Builder.

To enable this feature, simply access Setup, select "New Salesforce Mobile App Quickstart," and then choose "Lightning on tablet (Recommended)" under the Tablet App Experience option to turn on the full-width Lightning on tablet experience.

With this optimized tablet app experience, you can boost your productivity and enhance your ability to access important information and data while on-the-go. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of this improved Lightning tablet app experience.

Start Selling Fast with Included Sales Cadences

Sales managers and reps can start using sales cadences right away without building their own. Included sales cadences cover common sales scenarios and provide examples for sales managers to learn from and expand. Example call scripts and email templates for each sales cadence are also included. Know More

Key additional enhancement to HVS / Sales Engagement Know More

Allow Prototyping of Your Data with Einstein Pilot Consent

Let Salesforce data scientists do prototyping and exploration with your data so that you can work smarter. Track where your customers are focused. For example, when users search for content or use an app, services can observe what customers are paying attention to and find patterns to best advertise their content. Grant access only to the apps and objects that you choose. Specify the data that you want us to analyze, and we’ll do the rest.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.
Who: This feature is available to admins participating in an Einstein pilot program.
How: From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Einstein Pilot Consent. Edit settings for the apps and objects you want to grant access to.

The Salesforce Spring '22 release has updated or introduced new features that give users even more flexibility and power to better their organizations. While we only highlighted a few of the many features of the release, these few show the dedication Salesforce has to continually better user experience. Be sure to check out Salesforce's official release notes if you want to learn even more about this latest release. 

Have questions about Salesforce and the Summer '21 release or want to implement some of the newest features but are unsure how to do so? Contact Omniskope today! Our skilled consultants will work one-on-one with you to create a tailored Salesforce experience unique to your business needs. 

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