Salesforce Spring '24 Release Notes: Key Highlights

  • By Gaurav Jain
  • February 2024
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 The Salesforce Spring '24 release is packed with features for everyone, including Admins, Salesforce Flow fans, Sales superstars, and Service superheroes. You need not go through 606 pages of Salesforce Spring ’24 release notes, we are bringing you the top 10 highlights. So, let’s spring into action to explore what we have: 

What’s in for the admin?

  • Boost productivity with Dynamic Actions on Mobile App

Tired of juggling separate action sets for desktop and mobile? Now, you have the flexibility to dynamically provide actions on standard objects within the Salesforce Mobile App.

  • Content of Permission Sets at your fingertips

Administrators needed an efficient way to comprehend the contents of a Permission Set. Now, it is easier than ever for admins to check and understand Permission Sets, and Permission Set Group. It will help the admins with troubleshooting.

Change ownership of Dashboards easily

Personnel leaving the company? Transferring the ownership of dashboards won’t be difficult.

Display inline field values painlessly 

Wish to display the account phone number alongside Opportunity fields? Good news, you won’t have to create formula fields. Now, you can have a seamless display of fields from related records alongside primary record fields.

Accessing Snowflake Data is a breeze

Accessing multiple applications to find data is tedious and exhausting. Now, you can access aggregated data in Snowflake within Salesforce. This will reduce costs and enhance security by avoiding data duplication in CRM. The support agents and sellers can easily get a holistic view of customer information. 

Go with the Salesforce Flow

Dynamically display messages with a Reactive Long Text Area

Now you can create dynamic templates or text blocks based on changing criteria on the same screen. For instance, you can create case description templates based on the selected case types

Get input validation for more components

Now you can validate input from custom components and standard Lightning components like Name, Address, Data Table, and Email.

Leverage Repeaters (Beta) to improve efficiency

Want to collect multiple sets of data but do not know the exact quantity required? For such needs, Salesforce has enabled users to dynamically add multiple items to a list from a single screen.

The Sales Saga

Take a look at AI-powered Sales Summaries

Sellers and sales managers need quick insights into deal progress and customer interactions. They may also need a  quick check on deal status before customer interactions. In such scenarios, we can leverage Sales Summaries to enhance seller and manager productivity, and improve customer relationships, and de-risk the pipeline.

At your Service Cloud

Generate the best-suited email replies

Now, users can generate draft email responses based on selected Knowledge Articles.

These are just some of the highlights – there's much more to the  Salesforce Spring ’24 release notes! So dive in, customize, automate, and your Salesforce experience is sure to blossom.

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