Spring ‘23: Salesforce is blooming with new features

  • By Shuchi Bhardwaj
  • February 2023
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This spring will bring more joy to the lives of Salesforce users. Salesforce is blossoming into an even better platform for users. Let us dive into our favorite new features and new capabilities.

Boost security with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Salesforce will now automatically enable MFA for direct logins, starting with Spring ’23. This will help to protect your account from cyberattacks. To avoid disruptions, enable MFA as soon as possible.

Watch this video to learn more

Convert processes to flows using the ‘Migrate to Flow’ tool

It is time to bid goodbye to Workflow Rules and Process Builder soon. Salesforce is releasing new tools and features to help us move to Flow Builder. The Spring '23 release includes a new ‘Migrate to Flow’ tool to help you move your existing Workflow Rules and Process Builder processes to Flow Builder.

Create Personalized Report Filters

You can now set up personalized report filters for each user. This means that each team member can see reports that are tailored to his/her specific needs. For example, you could create an opportunity report for your sales team with a single Opportunity Owner filter that personalizes the results for each team member.

Enhance Case and Lead record pages with Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms are now available for Case and Lead record pages. The introduction of Dynamic Forms has been incredible. Previously, this capability was available only for Account, Person Account, Contact, and Opportunity record pages. Now, Dynamic Forms are available for Case and Lead record pages. This means you can create intuitive and responsive pages with fields and sections that can appear and disappear based on the user's needs.

See more records in Dynamic Related Lists

Dynamic-related lists are great; you can preview several Related Records. But there was one thing missing till now. It was the ‘view all’ option. Users could only see up to 30 records in a Dynamic Related List on the record detail page.

Dynamic related lists now include a "view all" option, so that you can see a full list of related records. You can also add quick filters and see the filters that your admin has applied.

Build custom Forecasts Pages for your business

You can now build custom forecast pages in Lightning, which can be user-friendly and intuitive. You can use standard and custom Components and create and assign different layouts for different users.

You can create pages tailored to your sales team's specific needs. You can include all the information sales leaders require to drive accurate forecasts supporting your unique business.

New feature: Track field history for activities

The ability to track your field history was missing in Salesforce earlier. You can now track field history for events and tasks. This means you can see who made changes to fields, when they made those changes, and what the changes were.

Import Contacts and Leads with a guided experience

There is now a guided process for importing contacts and leads. It will be easier for reps to import contacts and leads data using a sample CSV file and a simple data-mapping interface. Users who need a more robust data import experience still have access to import tools they previously used.

Salesforce gets better every season!

These were just a few new features and enhancements in the Salesforce Spring '23 release. No doubt, Salesforce becomes more useful and more robust with each release. These enhancements prove that the Salesforce team is always on its toes, working tirelessly to give the users a frictionless experience.

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