Salesforce Spring '24 Updates: Work Smarter with Gen AI

  • By Shuchi Bhardwaj
  • Feb, 2024
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Spring ‘24 release will be a springboard to efficiency for all the teams, including sales, service, and marketing. Let’s explore the top 10 groundbreaking features powered by Generative AI that you can use.

Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant will be generally available from February 12, 2024. Plus, there are no data privacy worries; your sensitive customer and company data are safe with Einstein’s Trust Layer.

Good news for Marketers

  • Get targeted audience segments from Data Cloud

Just describe your target audience using simple text, and Einstein Segment Creation will produce a segment in seconds using trusted customer data available in Data Cloud. You can fine-tune the segment as needed. Effective marketing, guaranteed. 

  • Let Einstein write for you in Account Engagement(Pardot)

Stuck with finding the right words for your landing page, form, or email? Tell Einstein what you want, and this wordsmith will whip up the most effective content in a flash, saving you precious time and effort.

Productivity paradise for Sales

  • Extract key details from the call recordings

Not able to recollect critical details after the call? We’ve all been there! 
Really need that product mention, deal risk, or outstanding customer questions? Ask questions directly from voice and video call records, and the Call Explorer will fetch you the answers in seconds. Be on top of things, and close more deals!

  • Trigger Flows from Activity Insights

Automate your business processes and record management by triggering flows from insight data from Einstein Activity Capture and Einstein Conversation Insights. 

Imagine this: A competitor’s product name is mentioned in an email insight. You can trigger a flow to update the related opportunity and create a task for the sales rep without missing a beat!

  • Draft Personalized Emails 

‘Sales Emails’ assists busy sales reps in swiftly creating personalized and informed email content that the  leads and contacts love to read! Making it smoother for the reps to expand deals. They can choose an email type like a follow-up or a meeting invitation and also include product information or related objects.  


  • Get more contacts with Einstein Suggestions

There are some valuable Contact Suggestions waiting for you on your Seller Home page. The potential contacts are gathered from your email and event activity. You can go ahead and add or remove a suggested contact. 


Speed up service with Gen AI

  • Service replies based on knowledge articles

It is 2024. Agents don't need to search through endless content to answer customer queries. In a live chat or messaging session, Einstein can suggest replies based on conversation ‘context’ or knowledge articles.

Pre-work briefing to mobile workers

Previously, mobile workers had to switch between multiple work order tabs to find relevant information. Gen AI is here to save their precious time!

Create an AI-generated ‘Pre-Work Brief’ on top of each work order to give mobile workers a quick snapshot of upcoming work orders, enabling them to provide better service, faster. 

Ace your admin game with Prompt Builder

  • Build prompts for your team

With Prompt Builder, admins can create reusable prompts that tell AI how to help the team–be it a simple task like generating emails or a complex one like summarizing reports. You can use prompt templates to ensure you get a consistent output for everyone on the team. You do not need coding for this.

Easing contract complications for all

  • Handle contracts with Contracts AI

Attention Sales, Delivery, and Legal teams! Generative AI can make handling contracts, clauses, and documents easy for you. Contracts AI enables efficient extraction of contract details and clauses from complex PDFs. You can rest assured that your contracts are error-free and compliant.

Salesforce’s Spring '24 release is jam-packed with features designed to make your everyday tasks easier. It testifies to Salesforce's commitment to harness Gen AI to its maximum potential for automating tasks, personalizing experiences, and boosting productivity across diverse business functions.

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