Winter ’22 Release Brings New Updates to Salesforce Mobile App

  • By Katelyn Stevenson
  • October 2022
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Salesforce is constantly evolving to provide users with the best versions of its products and services. As part of the Winter ’22 release, Salesforce has released new and improved features for the Salesforce mobile app to make it easier to access your Salesforce org on the go. 

First introduced in 2020, the Salesforce mobile app gives you access to your company’s CRM data from a phone or tablet, letting you work anywhere. Continue reading below to learn about the latest updates to the app. 

Run Your Business on Tablets

The Winter ’22 release introduced a unique full-width tablet experience for Salesforce administrator mobile app users using iPad and Android tablets as a new beta feature. 

The new experience allows you to use your tablet’s full screen to display desktop record layouts with mobile-optimized components. Along with this, the new feature supports Lighting apps, full-width Lightning record pages, Lighting navigation, and Einstein Analytics. 

Take Advantage of the Salesforce Mobile App Defaulting to Lightning Apps

With the latest release, the Salesforce mobile app now defaults to a phone-activated Lighting app if one is available to you. 

Before the Winter ’22 release, all users landed on a Mobile Only app navigation which you could then switch to a different Lighting app using the App Launcher from the Menu tab. However, the app now selects the first available Lighting app by default- instead of Mobile Only- this has resulted in a change to the app’s bottom navigation bar. If you do not have access to any phone-activated Lighting apps, you will default to Mobile Only. 

Help Your Users Personalize Their Content With Mobile Home

Mobile Home will now be generally available as the standard navigation item for the Salesforce iOS and Android mobile app. Mobile Home is a landing page that your end users can easily personalize with the content that they care about most. 

Your admins can add Mobile Home to any phone-activated lighting app or the Mobile Only navigation. You can do this the same way you would customize any other navigation tab. After Mobile Home is added, it will appear only on your users’ mobile devices and will not show up on their desktops. However, if you set Mobile Home as the first tab, your mobile users will have access to a brand new landing screen every time they open the app. 


Protect Your Data with Enhanced Mobile Security Updates

The Winter ’22 release has built even more protection into the enhanced security for the Salesforce mobile app. 

You can now easily enforce new policies, and if you are an iOS user, you can also enforce certificate pinnings. Along with this, new policies have been established to further secure your Salesforce app data and your user’s data. For example, if a user tries to use the app and your server’s certificate does not match the expected value, a secure connection will not be established. 

Limited Access for New Users with Community Licenses

If you created a new Salesforce org after the Winter ’22 release and have a community license, you will not be able to log into the Salesforce mobile app. Instead, when you open the app, you will receive a blocking screen with the message, “Your license does not include access to the mobile app. Please contact your administrator.” 

You will experience this because app features and functionalities are not available to you on the mobile app, and instead, you must use Salesforce through a browser. To fix this, update your licensing or contact your administrator. 

Please note, if you are a community user in an org that was created before the Winter ’22 release, you will not be affected by this change. 


Salesforce Mobile App Requirements Have Changed

With the Winter ’22 release, Salesforce is revising the requirements for using the iOS and Android Salesforce mobile app. 

Salesforce will now perform automated and manual testing of the mobile app for a select set of iOS and Android mobile devices. See the image to the left for a complete list of devices that will have automated testing. 

You will not be blocked from using Salesforce on untested devices if they meet current platform requirements. However, Salesforce may not be able to replicate some issues for you if you are using the app on an untested device that has manufacturer-specific customizations. 

With the Winter ’22 release, Salesforce continues to work towards creating the most user-friendly and accessible CRM app on the market. With the ability to easily access your Salesforce org from anywhere, you will be able to quickly accelerate your digital transformation and take your Salesforce solution to the next level. 

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