Salesforce Summer 24 Release Notes
-The Best of the Updates

  • May, 2024

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Ready to welcome Summer 2024 and enjoy refreshing Salesforce updates? It’s a bit early, but we don't want you to sweat it out and skimp through 687 pages. So, we've curated a list of the top 5 general updates that you must know.

Einstein Copilot is the star this Summer. For those thinking how to begin with it, Einstein Copilot makes the first move and automatically suggests actions to the users in their flow of work, depending on the page they are on.

1. Go with the flow - delegate tasks to Gen AI

Now, create automated processes (flows) in Salesforce with the help of AI. Just describe the task you want to automate, and Einstein will create a draft flow with elements and resources to get you started. Then, you can use Flow Builder to customize it according to your needs.

2. Stuck with formula syntax errors? Einstein can save the day!

No more spending time fixing formulae, Einstein for Formulas can do that for you. and generate an explanation for the formulae you create or use in Formula Editor.

3. Third-party cookies are a thing of the past.

Some Salesforce features rely on third-party cookies, but web browsers like Chrome intend to block them to protect your privacy. In fact, Google plans to entirely block third-party access to Salesforce cookies in Chrome by December 2024. To prevent third-party use of Salesforce cookies from Setup , in the Quick Find box , enter My Domain , and then select My Domain . In the Routing and Policies section, click Edit . Enable Require first-party use of Salesforce cookies and save your changes.

4. Increased focus on accessibility.

“Focus state” is when you choose an element (like a button) it gets highlighted. Now, users can see that more prominently on any device or in any lighting conditions. Look at the images before to notice the improved contrast.

5. A security shield for the Search Manager.

Safeguard sensitive information in Search Manager by setting field-level security on custom fields. You can only protect up to 100 custom fields per object. Note: All standard fields are protected by default.

With Einstein Co-pilot transforming how world's #1 CRM works, we promise more exciting updates on Salesforce Summer 24 Release Notes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

When will my org get the Summer ’24 update?

If you’re not sure about your instance, find it in “company information” within “Setup” in your Salesforce. You can then visit Salesforce Trust, select your instance name, and click on “Maintenance.” This will display the date when your org will receive the Salesforce Summer ’24 release.

Have questions regarding the Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release?

If you need help navigating through the new features…or anything else Salesforce, feel free to reach out to us. Our consultants will be happy to discuss your concerns and recommend what’s best for your business.