Salesforce Release Notes Summer ‘24 - Most Interesting updates for Salesblazers!!

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Gear up for the upcoming summer with a from Salesforce has a plethora of exciting new features coming your way. We've analyzed the Summer ’24 Release Notes comprehensively to bring you a snippet of the most impactful functionalities to supercharge your Sales team’s experience.

You can explore the complete list of updates in the Summer ’24 Release Notes but for now, let's have a glimpse of what awaits:


1. Einstein for Sales Professionals


• Einstein Sales Emails

Sales teams are always swamped, trying to convert leads and close deals. They know that they can make communication incredibly effective if they send out personalized emails within 24 hours of communication. Einstein Sales Emails can now save tons of time by writing professional emails that resonate with the buyers.



• Generative Conversation Insights for Sales Calls

Be it information about customer sentiment or deal teams, Sales professionals can now quickly access it. They can record the video calls and ask questions to Einstein, who will then analyze the transcript and provide all the answers in a flash.



2. Introducing Spiff - keep the Sales team motivated 


Goodbye spreadsheets, hello Spiff! Managing incentives for your salespeople becomes easier than ever. Spiff is an incentive compensation management software that automates complex calculations and provides easy-to-understand reports, reducing errors and building trust between sales and finance teams. Sellers can now see their commissions in real-time, focus on selling, and make progress.



3. Relationship Selling - visualize Contacts on your Buyer Relationship Map


Working on closing a deal with a company? Buyer Relationship Map can help you understand whom to talk to. This visual map is like an organizational chart that helps you identify key stakeholders, deal champions, potential risks, and more. You can get key insights and warm introductions in the flow of work. 

You can build content-rich profiles for all your contacts to show on buyer relationship maps to help close deals. Einstein generative AI automatically identifies and adds your contacts’ phone, address, title, seniority level, department group, and buyer attributes automatically from email interactions.



4.  Do more with Pipeline Inspection


With the intelligence of Pipeline Inspection, your sales teams can focus on the most important opportunities and forecast revenue more accurately. Pipeline Inspection has been providing your sales teams with a consolidated view of pipeline metrics, opportunities, week-to-week changes, AI-driven insights, close-date predictions, and activity information. 


• Get more Actions in Pipeline Inspection

Boost Sales productivity with the ability to manage deals without switching screens. You can now update things like close dates of multiple deals, add products to opportunities, or even create quotes directly from the Pipeline Inspection view. Buk edits will also increase the efficiency, select up to 200 deals and update them all with the same new date at once.



• Identify Risky-Contacts

Learn whether a contact is a detractor on one of their deals and flag it. To see the detractor’s relationships with other contacts on the deal, reps can view the Buyer Relationship Map directly from the insight. With Automatic Contact Enhancements, detractors can be flagged automatically too. 


5. Collaborative Forecasts got better


Slice and dice to get the information you want to extract. Sales managers can choose to review forecast rollups by team, then by forecast group or product family, or by group or product family, then by team. For example - you’re now able to quickly understand how John on your team is doing with Product A compared to Product B and also see how the entire team is doing with those same products. You can also ask Copilot if your team member is going to hit a number and get quick insights on the gaps.





6. Make the most of Sales Cloud Everywhere 


As sales reps search for prospects on the internet, the Sales Cloud Everywhere Chrome extension keeps up with their web investigations. Reps can can choose the fields they want to see and arrange them the way they want to work. Your reps can create a workspace to filter their records and focus only on the data they need. 





These were the most significant updates each Sales Cloud user should know. Want to learn more about how the new features can help your business? We can help you identify what suits your needs, and our certified experts can implement the updates to unlock the full potential of your CRM.