5 Signs Indicating You Need Salesforce Managed Services

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Salesforce, the world’s most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform, unifies your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams to wow more customers. There's just one catch here–the platform needs to be updated and optimized periodically to maintain peak performance.

Does my Salesforce platform need Managed Services?

If you are not confident that your in-house team can keep the platform running at its fullest capability, this blog is for you. Check for these five signs to know if Salesforce Managed Services is what you need:

1. No one in your organization likes Salesforce (except for your boss’s boss, maybe).

The leadership implemented the Salesforce platform, considering the incredible value it adds to the business. But now, working with Salesforce seems like a burden to the users. Sounds familiar? A Managed Services Provider can help here by introducing customizations to make the platform more user-friendly. With adjustments to reports or workflows, the platform can be tailored to simplify work and be valuable for everyone in the organization.

Another reason for the dissociation could be a lack of training. Your team is unable to use the new features powered by Einstien AI, and the internal staff is unable to train them. This will result in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Managed services can address this by providing comprehensive training and support to increase user adoption.

2. You feel you have already invested a lot in Salesforce but don’t know what to do now?

Some insights from Salesforce:

70% of service team leads, 62% of mobile workers, and 55% of agents say they can’t reach their goals without more budget

Source: 36 Customer Service Statistics To Move Your Business Forward


You implemented Salesforce with high expectations but feeling lost six months after “go live”? Unsure of how to go forward? We get it. A Managed Services Provider can help you develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your CRM with your organizational goals.

You need ongoing support, optimization, and release management to ensure your investment delivers the benefits you expect. Managed Services Provider gives you access to skilled professionals with a wide range of capabilities to make the most of your Salesforce platform. For instance, you could consult an integration architect about lead enrichment and get your platform connected with ZoomInfo. The subject matter experts can help you stay compliant and up-to-date with the industry's best practices. You can get access to Salesforce consultants to discuss the issues bothering you like unpredictably rising costs.

3. You have the in-house team to manage your Salesforce, but they are always very busy.

Is the in-house team always putting out fires? Is your Salesforce admin working tirelessly to resolve critical issues for users across different time zones? There’ll be no scope for strategic improvements if your in-house team is already stretched thin. Moreover, the management might be spending precious time overseeing this overwhelmed internal team instead of concentrating on the business goals.

Leverage Managed Services for the upkeep of the platform to prevent any disruptions in the first place. Rely on the pool of Salesforce experts to proactively monitor your platform and free up the internal team to focus on core responsibilities. 

4. You know what you need to do to get your Salesforce in top shape, but you do not have time.

  • The sales reps need to access Einstein Conversation Insights
  • Sales team also wants to draft personalized sales emails with Einstein
  • You want to utilize Einstein Work Summaries for your service team 
  • Security concerns are also awaiting your action

Your expectations from your CRM platform are clear. You have narrowed down the objectives too. The challenge is that your internal team doesn't have the bandwidth to work on the plan. This makes an ideal case for leveraging Managed Services–get all the capabilities you need and then leave it to the experts. 

5. Your business is in expansion mode, but the Salesforce platform is not able to keep up.

It’s not just the platform that keeps evolving; your business is growing, too. Whether you are expanding your product line or geographical presence, everyday tasks for Marketing, Sales, or Service teams can grow in complexity, requiring updates in your Salesforce platform, too. 

Customer expectations are evolving:

  • 86% of agents and 74% of mobile workers say customer expectations are getting higher.
  • 81% of agents and 76% of mobile workers say customers expect more of a personal touch. 
  • 78% of agents and 72% of mobile workers say customers seem more rushed than they used to.
  • 82% of agents and 76% of mobile workers say customers ask for more than they used to.
Source: Salesforce Report: Teams Tap AI and Data to Drive Revenue as Service Expectations Rise

The existing admin might lack the specific skills to handle the transition. Expanding the in-house team might not be the best idea due to budget constraints and because you don’t need those capabilities every day. Engaging a managed services provider will be easier on the pocket—just pay for what you need. You can also get the advantage of full time-zone coverage, ensuring prompt assistance and uninterrupted support for your Salesforce users.

With a Managed Service provider by your side, you also get a dedicated client service manager to keep track of your requirements, be it data security concerns, compliance requirements, new app development, or release management.

In a nutshell

Here’s how Salesforce Managed Services can help your business:

  • Strategic roadmap to align CRM with business goals.
  • Improved adoption and end-user experience with customization and training.
  • Increased productivity through the effective use of Einstein AI.
  • Ongoing optimization, data security, compliance, and support from a pool of certified Salesforce experts.
  • Proactive platform monitoring and issue prevention.
  • Full-time zone coverage for uninterrupted support.


If any of the above signs resonate with you, Salesforce Managed Services is your best bet. By partnering with a Managed Services provider, you can extract full benefits from your CRM and focus on your business-critical tasks. Still uncertain? Let's catch up to discuss your needs. You can also book a free org health check for your Salesforce org.